Crystals and Gemstones We Use

We have used a variety of crystals along with our shells for both aesthetic reasons and also because of the potential energy and metaphysical benefits of these colorful gifts from our beautiful Earth.  Some say that the deep understanding of crystals and gemstones known to the ancients is beginning to be rediscovered in our time.  

As NicolaTesla said, “In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” Everything that is on our earth is ultimately energy, whether it be the shells on the beach, animals, trees, plants, rocks, crystals, and each of us. 

Please see the information below on the various crystals we have used in our art.  

Blue Lace Agate

It is a calming light blue stone that promotes feelings of peace, self-forgiveness, and strength.  


It is a violet type of quartz that can be used to enhance meditations and dreams and can facilitate a deeper connection to the spiritual realm.  

Green Aventurine 

It is the stone of abundance and luck and can help new endeavours blossom.  

Red Garnet

It is a grounding stone that helps us connect to the present moment and can also help us by stimulating positive thoughts.  

Moonstone (White or Peach)

It is a stone of protection, encouragement, and hope.  


It is the beautiful color of tropical waters and is said to help with spiritual growth including learning to release things that no longer serve us.  


Is known for creating wealth, abundance, and helping to facilitate manifestation.  

Black Tourmaline

A stone known for protection and can help remove negativity from your environment.