Show Me the Abundance Bundle

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This 5 piece bundle includes: 1 tumbled green aventurine, 1 tumbled citrine, 1 small smoky quartz cluster, 1 clear quartz point, 1 small agate geode.  You could make a spiral shaped grid with these stones because it represents change, movement, and can help manifest change in your life.  If you don’t have enough stones to make a spiral you could draw a spiral on paper (or print one) and place the stones along the spiral.  Remember that abundance is a mindset so these crystals can remind you to have positive thoughts related to your finances, career, or relationships.  Try not to worry about what you don’t have or the universe will think that is what you want.  Think about what you do want and how it would make you feel when it happens.  Thank the universe in the present tense instead of wishing for things to happen.  If you need help making a decision, then go through the decision making process but try not to worry about the outcome.  Instead thank the universe for leading you to the right opportunity and remind yourself that all is well.  This may seem like an oversimplified view of how things work but I have had this work in my own life more times than I can count. 

Please allow for slight variations in the size and color of crystals as they are natural.  

All our crystals have been energetically and physically cleansed before they leave us but it is important that you tune them into your energy when you receive them.   This can be done by holding them in your hands, or near your heart and doing a quick meditation to program them to your energy.  You could also cleanse them by placing them on a windowsill in the moonlight.  There are other methods but they aren't all safe for all crystals so these have become my favorites.  

Please see the description of individual stones below.  

Green Aventurine is the stone of prosperity and abundance.  This could be useful if you are starting a business, a new job, if there is a big material goal you are working towards such as a new car or home.  Some people carry it in their pocket or handbag to remind them to have those daily positive thoughts.  You can use it while meditating about the stuff of your dreams.  The way to be successful is to imagine that your dream has already come true and live in that feeling instead of wishing for things to come.  “Thank you for my successful business” is infinitely more powerful than “Please make my business successful”.  You want to be a generator of positive things for yourself instead of a frustrated wishing well.  

Citrine is a beautiful yellowish/orange stone.  It is known as a stone of abundance and wealth.  It is thought to be able to help us let go of limiting beliefs that may be interfering with your dreams becoming a reality.  It is the stone of empowerment and helping us find our greater purpose.  This stone would be helpful if you are making a career change, changing jobs, or starting any new business endeavor.  It is a great stone to have nearby when you are setting goals.  You can even write them down (in the present tense) and put them in a bag or under a piece of citrine until they come true.  

Smoky Quartz is a beautiful and almost mystical stone.  It is a spectrum of colors from clear looking quartz to grey or charcoal.  It is associated with the root chakra so this is a grounding stone.  It is kind of like the person in your life that always tells you to get on with it.  Smoky quartz helps us find focus, ways to communicate diplomatically, and gives us a nudge to take control of our own lives.  This is a wonderful stone to hold in your hand while meditating as it is thought to help with manifestation as well.  

Clear Quartz is the steroid of the crystal world.  Using a piece of clear quartz with other stones in an arrangement can magnify or amplify the work you are doing with other crystals.   That is why you see it frequently in the center of a crystal grid.  It is a wonderful crystal to start with because it can help with many endeavors - and it was one of my first crystals many moons ago.  It can help with focus, willpower, and to rid yourself of negative emotions that work against our dreams and happiness.  

Agate is in many colors and categories.  For our purposes, I am going to be discussing the general properties of agate.  It is thought to increase our ability to analyze ourselves and situations in order to help us be more pragmatic in our approach to life.  Agate is a grounding stone that can give us additional support during large transitions or changes in our lives.  I like to use agate to remind myself that change is inevitable and that it is useless to resist it.  For instance, a flower cannot decide to stop growing because that isn’t the way nature works.  Our world and our lives are in a constant state of fluctuation or change.  The only way to grow as a person is to leave our comfort zone every now and again.  If we don’t decide to do it on our own the universe has a funny way of helping things along.