I Have a Pocket Full of Crystals Bundle

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This set comes with 1 tumbled rose quartz, 1 tumbled amethyst, 1 tumbled aventurine, 1 tumbled citrine, 1 small clear quartz point, and one small celestite.  They will come in a lovely traditional Chinese coin/gift bag that is perfect for on the go uses in your handbag, laptop bag, desk, or even in your car.  This is a wonderful starter set for someone just beginning to use crystals or for the hard core collector in your life that can’t dream of leaving the house without a crystal.  

Please allow for variation in size and color as these are natural crystals.  Also, we have other colors of the coin/gift bag.  Please contact us if there is a specific color you would like and we will do our best to accommodate.  

This set could be used as a small and simple crystal grid with the quartz point in the center and the remaining crystals in a circle around it.  This arrangement symbolizes healing, protection, completion, and potential.  You could also put the clear quartz crystal in the middle and place each of the additional crystals in the corner to make a square shape.  This arrangement symbolizes renewal, stability, and is often used for grounding. 


All our crystals have been energetically and physically cleansed before they leave us but it is important that you tune them into your energy when you receive them.   This can be done by holding them in your hands, or near your heart and doing a quick meditation to program them to your energy.  You could also cleanse them by placing them on a windowsill in the moonlight.  There are other methods but they aren't all safe for all crystals so these have become my favorites.